Deferred Disposition

be smart:  Avoid convictions on your driving record!
Deferred Disposition is an option that will keep your citation from being reported as a conviction on your driving record and will be dismissed if all terms required are successfully met.  If any requirements are not met and you cannot provide a satisfactory reason why you did not complete these requirements, your probation will be revoked, you will be found guilty and a conviction will be reported to the Department of Public Safety. Not all violations are approved for Deferred Disposition.


  You are not eligible for Deferred Disposition if: 

  • The citation alleges that you were speeding in a construction zone when workers were present.
  • You have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) even if the violation occurred while you were driving a private vehicle.
  • All juvenile defendants who are under 17 years of age, cannot obtain a deferred disposition online. You must come to court with your parent. You do not have to wait for your court date. You can come early Monday through Friday at 10:30am to meet with the Judge.

How do i make a request For deferred disposition?
  • In person at 211 E. Pleasant Run Rd. DeSoto, TX 75115
  • By texting a Court Clerk at (972) 737-7558 to set up your deferral and payment plan in real time
  • By clicking the "Request Deferred Disposition" button below.  Note that making your request this way will be in real time and will require you to follow additional instructions given through the email address you provide.
  • Be prepared to make a down payment of $150.00 within three days of your request. If you cannot make this payment, you must appear in person or online to further discuss your payment options with the Judge.

Plea of no contest & Waiver of jury trial

  If the Judge grants my request for Deferred Disposition Online, I understand and agree that per the provisions of Article 27.14(c) of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure that I will be entering a plea of GUILTY and WAIVING MY RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL. I further understand and agree that in the event that I fail to comply with the terms of my Deferred Disposition that my probation will be revoked and a conviction will be reported on my driving record with the Department of Public Safety.

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