What is the process to submit plans for civil / drainage review?

You may obtain the Engineering Intake Application Form on-line (through the Engineering Downloads) or in the office at the Building Inspections division. Follow the directions noted in the application towards the submitting of plans, noting the plan review WILL NOT begin until all documents noted in the application are submitted.

What is the turn around time on submitted plans?
The civil review has a ten (10) working day turn-around period, upon submittal of the Engineering Intake Application Form and ALL the noted items in the form being met. Upon this requirement being met, on or before the ten working day review period, a review letter will be comprised and mailed to the engineer noted in the plans. The red-lines from the review will be available for pick-up as noted in the response letter or email.
My neighbor has done some work on his lot and now I'm getting more runoff. What can I do?
In the past, city staff has come out to look at situations such as this. These situations are civil matters between the property owners. It does not violate city code for one lot to drain onto another, and you should try to perform work on your lot to help your yard drain more efficiently. It is against state code to divert or concentrate runoff, or block runoff from draining onto your property. We advise that you meet with your neighbor and discuss the problem to work toward a mutually agreeable solution. If this is not possible, consider grading swales on your property to convey the runoff around your home. Swales are depressions similar to wide shallow ditches that will collect runoff and take it to a more desirable area, typically the street. If swales are graded, care should be taken to ensure that grass is established so that they do not immediately fill up with silt. Occasionally, area drains may be considered. However, we do not generally recommend them for surface flow situations. Area drains typically do not have the capacity to handle the volume of runoff that is threatening to flood a home, and must be frequently cleaned of leaves and debris to function properly.
What are City of DeSoto construction Standards ?
Link to Standard details for construction
How to apply for grading /fill permit?
The following is a link to grading permit.