Community Relations

At the heart of The City of DeSoto lies a commitment to fostering vibrant communities where every voice is heard, and every member is valued. Our Community Relations Department stands as a beacon of connectivity, working tirelessly to bridge the gap between residents, local government, and essential services.

Kaylah Boldin
Head of Community Relations
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Kaylah Boldin serves as a dedicated community liaison with a strong commitment to fostering positive relationships and enhancing civic engagement for the City of DeSoto. As head of Community Relations for The City of DeSoto, Kaylah serves as a vital liaison between city officials, departments, and the residents of DeSoto. 

With her background in marketing, local government, and community engagement, Kaylah has a wealth of experience in building bridges and promoting collaboration. Her passion for community empowerment is evident in her strategic approach to communication, outreach, and partnership-building.