The Marketing Manager is the creative engine behind our brand's resonance and visibility. With strategic prowess, this role conceptualizes and implements captivating campaigns that showcase our organization's offerings, events, and unique identity. Their innovative initiatives captivate audiences, attract interest, and drive community involvement.

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Latoya Fondren serves as the esteemed Marketing Manager for the City of DeSoto, leveraging her expertise in strategic marketing to enhance the city's visibility and promote its initiatives. With a robust background in marketing strategies and a keen understanding of community engagement, Latoya plays a pivotal role in shaping the city's image and communicating its message effectively to diverse audiences.

The Community Relations Manager is the heartbeat of our city's connections and fosters meaningful relationships and engagement, while serving as a bridge between the city and its residents, through open communication, organizing impactful community events, and cultivating partnerships that enrich the fabric of our community. 


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