DeSoto Dining and Dialogue

Dining & DialogueDining & Dialogue Dinner

Since 2003, DeSoto Dining and Dialogue has brought together people of various ages and backgrounds to discuss making DeSoto a more vibrant place for all. By connecting neighbors, the program seeks to build relationships among people from different backgrounds with the ultimate goal of sharing experiences and building a strong community; regardless of color, culture or class.

The purpose of DeSoto Dining and Dialogue (DDD) is to bring together a group of strangers who all have something in common. They all live or work in DeSoto and care about their community. DDD is a volunteer-run organization that provides individuals of all ages (including high school students) the opportunity to get to know one another at dinner events. The discussion is lead by a trained facilitator who guides participants through questions designed to elicit thoughts and opinions on issues facing our community. There’s no cost to be a guest and all you have to do is agree to attend the dinner and engage in the discussion.

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