Fair Chance Hiring


DocumentThe Council acted in June 2021, to ensure that DeSoto businesses consider the qualifications of job applicants before asking about any past criminal record. On January 1, 2022, that ordinance became effective for DeSoto businesses, defined as a business located in DeSoto with fifteen or more (15+) employees that is not a non-profit 501(c) organization, a state agency, or a governmental body defined by Section 552.003 of the Government Code. The Ordinance also does not apply to any position for which an individual criminal history must be known to comply with restrictions under federal, state, or local law or to comply with a legally mandated insurance or bond requirement. The City contacted DeSoto businesses directly with information regarding how to comply with the Fair Chance Hiring Ordinance and has provided this information as a resource. Businesses have been given the opportunity to advertise their compliance with the ordinance and direct interested individuals to that resource with a window sticker provided by the City.

The City also worked with the DeSoto Chamber of Commerce to identify and inform potentially impacted businesses. 

Follow this link to view the full Ordinance.