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Intro to Basic Sewing and Fashion Design - Sewing Workshop Series for Adults (Waiting List)

  1. Introduction to Basic Sewing and Fasion Design - A Sewing Workshop Series for Adults!

    World Fashions by Jeané offered ten workshop sessions in the fall of 2022, followed by a fashion extravaganza. 

    These sessions were for beginners new to the world of basic sewing and fashion design.

    Learning outcomes:

    • Sewing machine basics
    • Sewing tools
    • Understanding your sewing machine
    • Understanding your pattern
    • Choosing the right fabric for the pattern/garment
    • Completing and presenting your final project

    Sessions were typically two times per week, with each session lasting for 3 hours.

    The final session included a fashion extravaganza, with a fashion show to model and display your final project.

    This workshop series was free, but registration was required. Attendance to all ten was also required to participate in the fashion extravaganza.

    Sessions were limited to 10 students. 

    Note: There are no current sessions, but future sessions are being developed. Please help the library by letting us know your preferences for future sewing classes!

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