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3D Printing Request Form

  1. Note: If you do not know how to create a 3D print file, go to htt;s:// , to find one. This is the file you need to submit through this form.
  2. A valid email is required as all communication will be conducted through email.
  3. Select .stl file for upload.
  4. Please use the following naming convention for your 3D object file: lastname-firstname-object.stl.ZIP (the ".ZIP" at the end of the file name must be added, or the system will not allow the file to upload). Please remember to remove any spaces or special characters in the file name.
  5. Color Choices
  6. If you need to upload an additional file, such as a sample image of the 3D object, do so here.
  7. The maximum printing size is 8 inches by 8 inches. If you do not specify a height, we will use the default object size. To give you an idea of how much your object might cost, we are using an estimated price per inch in height. Your actual cost will be calculated at $0.109 per gram of filament used. The weight of filament used depends on the size, shape, density and complexity of the object you are submitting. We will provide you with an exact price quote for approval before beginning the printing process.
  8. The price of printed objects varies depending on the size, complexity and density of the object. We will provide you with an exact price quote once we process your object. Use this field to give us an idea of the maximum price you are willing to pay for your printed object.
  9. 3D Printing Policies
    More information: 3D Printing
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