Why is the fire hydrant in my neighborhood gushing water?
The process of periodically "flushing" fire hydrants is an important preventive maintenance activity in the City of DeSoto. Although it may appear to waste water, this process is part of a routine maintenance program necessary to maintain the integrity of the water system and to continue to deliver the highest quality water possible to our customers. The flushing process may take anywhere from 20 minutes to more than 8 hours. Flushing the water system on a routine basis removes sediment from lines and keeps the entire distribution system refreshed.

As a result of the flushing procedure, residents in the immediate vicinity of the work area may experience temporary discoloration of their water. This discoloration consists primarily of harmless silt and precipitates and does not affect the safety of the water.

If you experience discoloration in your water after crews have been flushing in your neighborhood, clear the pipes in your own home by running all water faucets for a minute or two. Please refer to our Fire Hydrant Flushing page for more information.Fire Hydrant Flushing

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