Creek Tree Estates

Creek Tree Estates is a beautiful tree-lined neighborhood occupied by citizens that care about their property, families and community.  The Creek Tree Neighborhood Association (CTNA) has the boundaries of Polk Street, Ten Mile Creek and the East Middle School track and property.  This neighborhood is home to 420+ dwellings which makes it one of the largest HOAs in DeSoto.

Creek Tree Estates monumnet sign


To ensure community safety, promote certain aesthetic standards and a pleasant living environment while maintaining property and home values. The Creek Tree Neighborhood Association (CTNA) is currently a non-mandatory association. CTNA would like to encourage residents to come out to the monthly meeting to promote community and connect to our neighbors. Our meetings are an excellent way to be informed of the issues that impact us and our city, and develop a spirit of community and pride. As part of a continuing effort to improve the quality of our community, we participate in the following:


CTNA held its first annual National Night Out in August 2006 with an attendance of over 100 neighbors.


A “Crime Watch” report is always a part of our meetings and we encourage residents to be watchful.  This is to support DeSoto Police Department efforts to get residents involved for neighborhood safety and the “Force Multiplier” concept.  Other committees may be established for more effective action by volunteers from the residents.  If funds are needed, the “matching grant program” with the City of DeSoto may qualify to double our financial efforts.  Past uses have been CTNA street sign toppers and the monument at Polk & Slay.


CTNA has a list of possible long and short term projects including but not limited to:  neighborhood cook-outs, picnic or potluck, establishing a neighborhood directory, community garden, flower planting, neighborhood garage sale, a special interest directory and security cameras.  Please contact a Board member if you have comments, suggestions or would like to volunteer for a project.   We appreciate our homeowners and welcome your ideas.


Eyes and Ears is a joint effort between the City of DeSoto Code Enforcement and neighborhood groups to improve community relations, by neighborhood groups to assist Code Enforcement in identifying code violations.


This is the recognition for maintaining a beautiful yard on a consistent basis. The winners have no duties other than keeping up the good work.