My Neighborhood


The City of DeSoto is committed to providing quality customer service and neighborhood programs that:

  • meet the needs of our small communities through effective 360-degree communication
  • promote community involvement
  • strengthen the relationships between neighborhoods and City staff

Homeowner associations and neighborhood groups (collectively referred to as “HOAs”) in DeSoto are unique because of their passion for involvement and participation in partnerships with their municipal government. Our many HOA programs are designed to better the community by merging friendships with partnerships. 

Check out our involvement opportunities: 


Did you know that you can use space at the DeSoto Civic Center to host your HOA or Neighborhood meetings?

  • Only DeSoto HOAs are allowed to request meeting space in the Civic Center.
  • To request an HOA meeting room: 
    1. Homeowner’s Association president or designated liaison must be listed on the HOA Listing Directory to request a meeting
    2. If you want to register your Homeowners' or Neighborhood Association to be eligible for rentals, you must first contact Becky Lewis at or at (972)230-9643 for approval.
  • HOA meeting requests may then be submitted via e-mail to and  and
  • Meeting requests must be done by the president (or his/her designee) listed on the HOA Listing Directory.
  • DeSoto HOAs are allowed one rental per quarter in either the Pecan Rooms or Bluebonnet Rooms based on facility availability.
  • HOA rentals are scheduled to occur only Monday – Thursday from 6:00 pm-10:00 pm
  • If an HOA meeting is canceled, please email or call 972.230.9653.