Swim Lessons

About Swim Lessons for Youth and Adults

  • All swim sessions are $50 per person for 40 minutes each day.
  • Students must complete the requirements of a particular swim level before progressing to the next level.
  • The instructor can change the swim level lesson based on the student’s swimming abilities on the first day of class.

Swim Levels

Parent & Tot Level

Introduction to water safety skills and developing basic swimming skills  with parent present. Child and Parent will engage in activities such as blowing bubbles, educational games with toys, and water safety techniques.(Ages 1-4)

Level 1

For youth with little to no swim experience. Will be introduced to the water and will practice water safety skills. Students will learn front float and back float along with elementary freestyle and backstroke. Instructors and students will engage in fun activities to encourage the student to be more confident in the water. (Ages 5-17)

Level 2

Students will learn and perfect their skills in freestyle and backstroke along with introduction to breaststroke. Instructors will work with students on breathing techniques and increasing stamina and distance while swimming. Students will also engage in controlled breathing activities that include kickboards, diving sticks and other aquatic equipment. (Ages 5-17)

Level 3

Students will continue their skills in freestyle and backstroke, learning and perfecting their skills in breaststroke and introduction to butterfly. Students will have competition style activities such as relays, individual and group lap swim and knowledge of pool safety. (Ages 5-17)

Level 4

Students will perfect their skills in all four strokes and learn swim competition skills such as flip turns, front and back streamline. Students will also be encouraged to compete not only amongst themselves but with their instructor to build confidence in their swimming technique. (Ages 5-17)

Adult Level

The Adult class is designed for students with minimal to no swim experience to those working towards independent swimming. Students start with basic water safety skills like front and back float and breath holding techniques. Students will then progress to independent freestyle and backstroke skills. (Ages 18-99)