New Submittals and Current Projects

On this page, you will see a list of all New Submittals and Current Projects that are under Staff, P&Z Commission, and City Council Review.


  1. Developers Submit Proposals.
  2. New Submittals are reviewed according to schedule (see Submittal Deadlines).
  3. Staff reviews all submittals.
  4. P & Z reviews all submittals with Staff recommendations.
  5. Submittals are included on City Council Agenda.

NEW SUBMITTALS (11/15-11/30)

New Submittals  Date Submitted
FP-1227-22; LaQuinta/Hawthorn (1600 N I-35E) 11.14.2022
Z-1487-22; Faith Family Academy (1601 Osprey Drive) 11.14.2022

Under Staff Review

Under Review Date Submitted
PP-332-22; Ambrose Hills (715 & 725 E Beltline Rd.) 3.15.2022
PP-337-22; Grand Parks (340 S Parks Dr.) 9.26.2022
FP-1224-22; Summit Park Ph 3   
FP-1223-22; Cano (1239 S Hampton Rd.)  
FP-1228-22; Kentsdale Farms Ph4 11.14.2022

Project Review Status

Case Name P&Z Commission City Council 
Text Amendment - Driveway 10.11.22; Denied 11.15.22; Denied
PP-339-22; Watermark Estates (700 W. Parkerville Rd.) 11.29.22; 1.03.22;
FP-1225-22; Fairfield Inn (1201 E Wintergreen Rd.)  11.29.22;  
Z-1485-22; Kirnwood Estates (804 Kirnwood Dr.) 11.29.22; 1.03.22;
Z-1486-22; Eagle Office Park (1507 Kestrel Ave) 11.29.22; 1.03.22;