Goal #8

Create an outreach program by including space for people to sign up for volunteer efforts such as serving on boards and commissions and other volunteer opportunities at City of DeSoto events.

StrategicPrioritiesIcon-5 SMALL2

1. Create a dedicated webpage as a one-stop location for all volunteer opportunities through the City | City Secretary’s Office | Start FY 2022 Q1 | Complete FY 2022 Q3

2. Offer in-person opportunities for residents to learn about responsibilities and duties of a Board & Commission assignment by hosting tables at City-sponsored events | City Secretary’s Office | Start FY 2022 Q1 | Ongoing

3. Host a Board & Commission Fair prior to the annual term expiration/reappointment date for Boards & Commissions | City Secretary’s Office | Start FY 2022 Q4 | Ongoing


1st Quarter Update

1st Quarter Updates will be posted in December 2021