Strategic Plan

The City of DeSoto’s Strategic Plan was created with input from Internal stakeholders consisting of a steering committee comprised of City employees in leadership roles throughout the organization along with the members of the DeSoto City Council and external stakeholders consisting of DeSoto residents and business leaders, the DeSoto Independent School District, the DeSoto Economic Development Corporation, the DeSoto Chamber of Commerce, and City of DeSoto Boards and Commissions. Over the course of seven months, these stakeholders embarked on an intense strategic planning process that included stakeholder interviews, internal and external data analysis, surveys, and multiple strategic planning sessions. The resulting product is a five-year Strategic Plan that centers on seven focus areas which include:

  • Building Trust 
  • Image 
  • Thriving Economy 
  • Learning Environment 
  • Engaged and Vibrant Community 
  • Safe and Healthy Community 
  • Beautiful City

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To ensure that the Strategic Plan is a living document, each of the seven focus areas includes strategic initiatives that will be used to populate the Annual City Council Business Plan, which will guide City priorities and funding commitments for Fiscal Years 2021-2025. Additionally, the Strategic Plan will be reviewed annually to ensure goals and objectives are being met and evaluated every two years to ensure that the plan still adequately reflects the needs of the City of DeSoto.