Goal #13

Increase community engagement for a Beautiful DeSoto

1. Conduct Fall and Spring Clean-Up Events

• Participate in the Great American Clean-Up

  • Create a fall and spring clean-up plan to coincide with the Great American Clean-Up | Parks Department | Start FY 2021 Q1 | Complete FY 2021 Q2
  • Conduct spring and fall clean-up events |Parks Department | Start FY 2021 Q2 | Complete FY 2021 Q4

2. Promote the Code Enforcement Eyes & Ears Program | Police Department | Start FY 2021 Q1 | Complete FY 2021 Q4

3. Create a public relations campaign for cleaning up city streets and neighborhoods | City Manager’s Office | Start FY 2021 Q1 | Complete FY 2021 Q2

4. Conduct a City-wide Arbor Day Event | Parks Department | Start FY 2021 Q1 | Complete FY 2021 Q1

5. Create a public relations campaign to double HOA involvement in the Adopt-a-Street Program | City Manager’s Office | Start FY 2021 Q1 | Complete FY 2021 Q2


3rd Quarter Update
July 2021

Staff continues to promote clean-up efforts throughout the City in various platforms. HOA and Adopt-a-Street clean-up activities are featured in the City Lights Newsletter and weekly email updates to the HOA distribution list. Staff plans to promote and highlight Adopt-a-Street to HOA’s at the HOA Involvement Workshop scheduled for August 28. Staff is also working with GIS to create map to highlight available streets that need adopting. The Great American Clean-up will be held on September 4th. The most recent Eyes and Ears program meeting was held on June 29. The Police Department will continue to plan future meetings to promote this successful program. DeSoto Communications is helping to advertise the Eyes and Ears meetings on various platforms for DeSoto residents.

2nd Quarter Update
April 2021

A strategic public relations campaign to promote clean-up efforts in DeSoto is ongoing. Staff continues direct outreach to HOA’s promoting the Adopt-a-Street program and City clean-up activities in the January, March, and April City Lights newsletter. Staff are working to increase participation of HOA's in the Adopt-a-Street program through features in the newsletter and City Manager's Office Weekly Update. In March, emails were sent to HOA's inviting them to adopt an available street. Next, staff are working to develop a website that will feature all of the formally adopted streets in DeSoto. The Great American Clean-up was conducted in March. The event was a huge success with over 200 participating volunteers representing individuals and local organizations. The Fall portion of the Great American Clean-up will take place in September. The first meeting of the Code Enforcement Eyes and Ears Program for this fiscal year was held in January and had record attendance. The second meeting for this program is scheduled for June.