Exam Proctoring

1.0 Purpose:
  • The purpose of this policy is to establish that exam proctoring is done free of charge to the student as well as the educational institution. DeSoto Public Library staff proctors paper and/or online exams.
2.0 General Library:

Note: To comply with customer visit limits of one hour per person per day, exam proctoring services are temporarily suspended until further notice. 

  1. The student is responsible for contacting library staff about proctoring. Library staff will inform the student that, due to space and staff limitations, staff is not able to keep “eyes on” or stay in the room/area while the student is taking the test. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the educational institution (E.I.) about the library’s limitations about proctoring to make sure that the E.I.’s proctoring requirements are met.

    The Library will not sign a non-disclosure agreement with the student who is testing. We are not a testing center and agree to provide proctoring to users as a courtesy or convenience and therefore have incorporated the limitations indicated above in Section A.

  2. The student is responsible for providing the (E.I.) with the staff name (the Adult Services Librarian or designate) and contact information so that the E.I. can send proctoring documents and exam information to the Adult Services Librarian or designate.
  3. The Adult Services Librarian or designate will fill out the required institutional paperwork, usually by email, and send it back to the E.I.
  4. Once the proctoring information has been received from the E.I. (usually sent to the Adult Services Librarian or designate), that person will forward the proctoring information to all staff who works the Information Desk or Children’s Desk, including the Part time librarian. That way, anyone working the Information Desk or the Children’s Desk can proctor the exam whenever necessary.
  5. It is the student’s responsibility to set a day and time for taking the exam. When the student contacts the library to set a day and time, library staff will inform the student about library hours so the student can schedule enough time to take the exam before the library closes.
  6. When the student arrives to take the test, staff will follow the E.I.’s instructions to allow the student access to the exam. If the student is taking the exam on a library computer, staff will extend computer time to accommodate the time, if necessary, to take the exam.
  7. If the student is taking a paper exam that has been emailed to the Adult Services Librarian or designate, whoever administers the test will print out the test at no cost to the student. If the test is to be returned by regular mail, it is the student’s responsibility to provide library staff with the proper envelope and postage. It is not the library’s responsibility to provide the envelope or postage.
  8. If the student is taking the exam on their own device, library staff provides the access to the exam. No other action is necessary unless the E.I. requires something after the exam is taken.
  9. For paper tests which are to be electronically returned to the E.I., library staff will scan in the exam and send it as an email attachment to the email address provided by the E.I.
  10. Student must have a valid City of DeSoto Library Card, in order to have a proctored exam at the DeSoto Public Library.