Sewer Tap Requirements

Requirements for Sewer Taps
  • Applicable Permits must be acquired from the Building Inspection Department 972.230.9610, and Construction Inspection Department 972.230.9617, prior to the Water/Wastewater Department notification.
  • Utility locations are to be requested by the contractor by calling DIGTESS 1.800.344.8377 for gas, electric, telephone, and cable. For water/wastewater, call 972.230.5724.
  • The sanitary sewer main is to be exposed by a contractor and large enough for utility crews to make a sewer tap. The hole should be shored properly if necessary. The hole should be barricaded off to avoid any pedestrian accident.
  • The Water/Wastewater Department should be notified seventy-two (72) hours in advance to the desired time of the tap at 972.230.5724 with lot number, block number, and physical address. The notification should include size of sewer/water tap.
  • The contractor will supply the service line from the tap to the service connection. The service line is to be SDR 26 PVC. The contractor/plumber is responsible for the connection to the customer's service line.
  • The contractor is responsible for back filling the hole and installing a property line clean out (P.L.C.O.) with a one-way steep, toward the sanitary sewer main.
  • If the contractor cannot find the sewer tap, contractor should call the Water/Wastewater Department for sewer main line location. The contractor will be responsible for exposing the main.