Centre Estates

The Centre Estates Homeowners Association formed in 1995. There are 262 households in the lovely subdivision with 65 homes as members of the association. The association incorporated in October of 2007. 

The main purpose of the Centre Estates Homeowners Association, Inc., is to:
  • Promote neighborhood beautification and enhance the general appearance of the properties through property and lawn maintenance;
  • Maintain the safety and well being of our community by improving and maintaining the neighborhood crime watch program;
  • Promote good will and understanding between the Association and the entire City of DeSoto, Texas;
  • Engage and participate in non-profit/charitable community projects;
  • Keep apprised and current on city and county laws, zoning ordinances, proposals and other activities which may impact property values and the overall safety and security of the Centre Estates neighborhood;
  • Provide activities and opportunities for members to exchange views and discuss matter of mutual interest within the community;
  • Disseminate information to the membership.

Centre Estate Officers

  • President - Tamralyn Adams
  • Vice President - Lynn Craddock
  • Secretary - Eartha Ross
  • Treasurer - Rhonda Whisenant
  • Asst. Treasurer - Debra Fortner
  • Parliamentarian - Ural Crutcher
  • Asst. Parliamentarian - Tony Chenevert

 Centre Estates Bylaws