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Miscellaneous Permit Fees
Miscellaneous Permit Fees

Permit Type


Certificate of Occupancy $75
Demolition $50
Fence / Retaining Wall $35
Foundation Repair   $75
Carport/Garage (Residential) Residential Remodel (Table 1-A)
Mobile Homes $75
Sprinkler/Irrigation $50
Storage / Accessory Buildings greater than 200 sq. ft. will require a building permit.
Storage / accessory buildings that exceed 240 sq. ft. must obtain information through Planning & Zoning.
Temporary Building  $50
Above-Ground Swimming Pool $50
In-Ground Swimming Pool $150
Canopy or Tent (Commercial) $25
Gas Line Repair $60
Clean and Show (Commercial-temporary utilities) $50
Spas & Hot Tubs Residential remodel (Table 1-A)
Filling of Land (Grading) $100
House / Building Moving $50
Miscellaneous - (single trade, water heaters, gas test, electrical, HVAC etc.) $60
Signage (permanent) $50.00+ $1.00 per ea. sq. ft.