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Library Board
Library Board


  • Comprised of seven members appointed by the City Council to serve for a two-year term with term limits of six years.
  • Supports and promotes the need for good public library services to the DeSoto community.
  • Board helps reconcile contradictory viewpoints and serves as a channel for citizen expression in library matters.
  • May serve as representatives to various local, regional, and State library organizations.

Meeting Schedule

The Library Board meets the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Library Conference Room in the DeSoto Public Library.

Staff Representative
Kerry McGeath
Managing Director of Library Services
Email Kerry McGeath

Council Representative

Rachel Proctor
Councilmember, Place 4


Jennifer R. Smith

Initial Appointment: 11/15
Current Term Expires: 9/17

Susie Robinson
Initial Appointment: 11/15 
Current Term Expires: 9/17

John Ringhauser
Initial Appointment: 7/13
Current Term Expires: 9/17

Andrea Brown
Initial Appointment:9/14
Current Term Expires:9/16 

Charlotte Lee
Initial Appointment:9/15
Current Term Expires: 9/16 

Shezira Roberson
Initial Appointment: 8/13
Current Term Expires: 9/17

Valinda Samples
Initial Appointment: 9/15
Current Term Expires: 9/16