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Vision Plans
2016 Vision Plans

Vision coverage is provided through Superior Vision of Texas. The plan pays benefits for annual exams and corrective lenses. A copay is required for exams, and the plan pays benefits for frames and lenses up to certain limits. The plan will pay for a comprehensive exam, lenses, and contact lenses once every 12 months. To search for a provider in your area click here

 Plan Feature

In Network

Out of Network

Comprehensive Eye (Optometrist)
Comprehensive Exam (Ophthalmologist)

Covered in full after $10 copayment
Covered in full after $10 copayment

 $35 allowance


After $15 copay
After $15 copay
After $15 copay

$25 allowance
$40 allowance
$50 allowance

Contact Lenses:
-Medically necessary
-Cosmetic (elective)*
*Contact lenses are in lieu of eyeglass lenses and frames benefit.

$10 copay up to $150
*the insured is responsible for paying any charge in excess of this allowance.

$150 allowance
$80 allowance


Up to $150

$70 allowance