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Elerson Trace West
Elerson Trace West

Elerson Trace West is self-managed and is contacted at its e-mail address or by writing to P.O. Box 631, DeSoto, TX 75123. Homeowners, please submit your e-mail addresses annually. If your e-mail changes at any time, please immediately submit your new e-mail to the HOA.

Board meetings for the association are each month in the DeSoto Town Center located at 211 E. Pleasant Run road in the Library Assembly Room, the room where we voted for the USA President. The start time is 7:00 p.m. on most third Tuesdays. Board meetings for 2013 are: May 21, July 16, August 20, September 24, October 15 a Birthday party is included, November 19, December 17 a Winter party is included, 2014 January 21, February 18, March 18 Candidates for Board Filing of Written one page Bio Deadline, April 15 Election Speeches, May 20 Election of HOA Board.

The Elerson Trace West neighborhood is located south of Beltline Road (FM 1382) and west of Elerson Road.  This subdivision consists of 53 beautiful one and two story homes.  A diverse neighborhood Elerson Trace West has been served since 2006 by a mandatory Home Owners Association.  This HOA is under the direction of a 5-member board of directors who also serve as block captains.

The esthetics and property values of the neighborhood are further mandated and protected by association, by-laws, and property deed restrictions. Elerson Trace West is a beautiful and highly desirable neighborhood in which to live. Our Homeowners' Association members support and participate in our efforts to maintain and improve its status and position in the community.

Board of Directors:
President Brenda Riggins
First Vice-President Eric Raymond
Second Vice-President Barbara Douglas
Secretary Sharlene Clay
Assistant Secretary Iris Tinner
Treasurer     Starr Marilyn Miles
Assistant Treasurer Joyce McDaniel

Committees and Members:

Beautification Committee:
This committee awards the Yards Sign each month, and gives a certificate at the monthly meeting to the fortunate winner
along with much more.

Ben Woods - Chairperson
Kelly Allen
Joyce McDaniels
Sharon West
Don Richardson
Starr Mirilin Miles

Social Committee:
The committee brings the HOA members together to get to know each other at little or no HOA cost.

Latoya Williams
Ragena Williams
Ykenna Covin
Lois Ward
Iris Tinner
Starr Marilin Miles

Property and Deeds Committee:
This committee monitors violations of HOA standards and sends letters of notifications. They help the HOA with
board-approved repairs.

Otis McDaniels
Domorrio Hamilton
Eric Raymond
Starr Marilin Miles

Gardening Society Committee:
A committee which works to increase the beauty of the HOA yards through sharing useful information and answering
plant questions.

Starr Marilin Miles - Chairperson
Kelly Allen
Sharon West
Iris Tinner

E.T. West Fraternity Committee:
A committee of 9th through college HOA students who share fun, academic information, tutoring in science, math, Spanish,
and help with school projects.

Brandon Hammon - Chairperson
Carl Miles
Marilin Miles

Architectural Committee:
The committee approves or not ALL exterior home changes; as color changes, tree removal or adding, driveways, garage doors,
flag poles, etc.

Marilin Miles - Chairperson
Iris Tinner
Barbara Douglas
Sharon West
Joyce McDaniel

Please direct any questions to:

Articles of Incorporation 



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