• Asbestos Warning Sign Posted During Abatement (Pho
  • Charles Mays (Childhood Resident of Nance Farm) an
  • East Wall of Kitchen, Showing Location of Modern O
  • East Wall of Kitchen (12-01-10)
  • East Wall of Downstairs Front Entryway, South of F
  • East Wall and Light Switch to Left of Exit Door in
  • Dual Closets Along North Wall of Upstairs South Be
  • Charles Mays - Childhood Resident of Nance Farm (1
  • Charles May and Jean Bigham (12-01-10)
  • Doorway from Dining Room into Vestibule and Expose
  • Closeup of Fabric Wallpaper on South Wall of Upsta
  • Closeup View of Fabric Wallpaper on South Wall of
  • Ceiling, Entryway, and North Window of South Downs
  • Ceiling of Vestibule, Facing West (12-01-10)
  • Ceiling of Kitchen Add-on, Facing East (12-01-10)
  • Ceiling of Front Entryway, Facing West (11-18-10)
  • Ann Abernathy (Historical Architect) and Jean Bigh
  • Ceiling of Front Entryway, Above South Downstairs
  • Ann Abernathy (Historical Architect) Viewing North
  • Ceiling Near North Wall of Upstairs North Bedroom
  • Ceiling Fan and Light Fixture in Upstairs South Be
  • Ann Abernathy (Historical Architect) Taking Paint
  • Ceiling and Light Fixture of Upstairs Hallway, Fac
  • Ceiling and Light Fixture of Closet in South Downs
  • Ceiling and Exposed Light Fixture Wiring in S Down

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