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Online Compliment or Complaint Form

  1. Please read:
    In an effort to give our citizens every avenue to the department’s compliment or complaint process, the department has opened the ability to file both online. If you seek to be contacted by the department, your contact information must be entered here.
    IF YOU NEED IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE CALL 911. This form is not a replacement for emergency services, and is not monitored 24/7.
  2. Please enter a street address or nearest intersection
  3. If not known enter "unknown"
  4. Please be as descriptive as possible to include officers name (if more than one), specific location, any witnesses, etc.
  5. Do you wish to be contacted by DeSoto Police Administration?*
    If yes, you must complete the above contact information.
  6. By Submit, I am aware the submittal of this form does not constitute a Formal Complaint with the DeSoto Police Department
    If you wish to make a formal complaint, Texas law (Gov. Code 614.022-.23) requires the complaint signed by the complainant and presented to the officer. You must submit the complaint in writing and signed.
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