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Business Workshops at the Library - Fall/Winter 2022 - Registration Form

  1. About These Workshops

    The DeSoto Public Library is offering three business workshops in fall/winter 2022! These workshops are led by Dr. Cassandra Bradford. Dr. Bradford is a Senior Consultant with Genesis Preferred Solutions, a small business developer, mentor, coach, M/WBE coordinator, and a certification expert.

    These workshops are free, but registration is required. Each workshop is limited to 20 participants.

  2. Business Basics 101 - October 2022

    At this workshop, learn:

    • How to name your business
    • Which structure is best?
    • How to set up subsidiaries
    • Agreements and contracts
    • When to 1099
    • Basic marketing
    • M/WBE certifications
  3. Contractology - November 2022

    At this workshop, learn:

    • What are the different certifications in Texas?
    • Why should I be a certified Minority or Woman-owned business?
    • Will the government buy from me?
    • What does the government buy and when?
    • Closer look at opportunities
  4. Sell the Sale - December 2022

    How to price and sale your products and services. Learn:

    • Who are your customers/clients?
    • Where to find a list of your customers/clients?
    • How to price
    • Where to sell
    • 3 types of sells
    • Why put the sell on sale
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    Note: Each workshop is limited to 20 participants.

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