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COAD Membership Application

  1. The Membership Application will be submitted to DeSoto COAD Executive Committee for review. Those listed on your application will be contacted by the COAD Executive Committee about COAD membership approval or denial. If you have questions, you may contact Lauren Sanchez at
  2. Authorized Organizational Representative

    This contact will be added to the COAD Directory.

  3. Alternative Authorized Organizational Representative

    This contact will be added to the COAD Directory.

  4. Request for Assistance Notifications
  5. Notifications Requests for Assistance are sent to members via text and/or email. All members will receive an email. You can consent to receiving a text message to your mobile number to ensure you don’t miss an email. Please elect below if you would like to receive a text for requests for assistance.
  6. Emergency & Disaster Capabilities.

    Please provide info on what your organization may be able to assist the public with during and/or after an emergency/disaster. 

    Example capabilities may include: Animal Rescue/Care/Supplies, Call Center location or staffing, Case Management, Counseling, Damage Assessment staffing, Debris Removal (small items), Donated Items (clothing, furniture, school supplies, other), Donation Management storage or staffing, Food, Feeding, Financial Aid (rent, utility, general), House Fire Tarping, Life Skill Resources, Minor Home Repairs, Rebuilding, Shelter Space, Spiritual Care, Translation (specify language), Transportation, Volunteer Reception Center space, Volunteers, Warming/Cooling Center space, Water, or other services. 

  7. Bylaws (Link in Website)*

      The Applicant fully understands the Conditions and Criteria for membership in DeSoto COAD per the Bylaws and represents to DeSoto COAD that the applicant organization complies with these criteria and agree to: 

      1. Adhere to and promote the purpose and principles of DeSoto COAD as described in their bylaws.
      2. Promote and facilitate ongoing participation in DeSoto COAD and COAD activities.
      3. Provide a Authorized Organization Representative (AMOR) and an Alternative Authorized Organization Member Representative (AAMOR) to the DeSoto COAD Membership Meetings.
      4. To be a Partner Member, must be active in one or more of the phases of emergency management such as response and/or recovery.

    1. I Affirm That

      The Humanitarian Imperative is the First Priority of DeSoto COAD

      I recognize the right and privilege to offer humanitarian assistance, and the same for those who receive such, as a fundamental humanitarian principle which should be enjoyed by all. I will stand by my obligation to provide humanitarian assistance, in organized fashion, wherever it is needed. I recognize and uphold the prime motivation of DeSoto COAD response to disaster as to alleviate human suffering among those least able to withstand the stress caused by such disaster. I recognize that when we give humanitarian aid, it is not a partisan, religious, or political act, and should not be viewed or construed as such.

      The Highest Degree of Professionalism, Ethics, and Respect is Paramount in DeSoto COAD

      I will act in accordance with standards of professional integrity. I will make every effort to avoid conflicts of interest. I will consider the interests of all clients and animals served and do hereby dedicate myself to their best interests and to helping them, recognizing that in some cases their interests may not align to my personal beliefs. I will not intentionally defame, malign, libel, or attempt to demean the character and/or reputation of any person or organization. I will not engage in nor condone harassment, discrimination, or inappropriate behavior in any form. I will endeavor to maintain an environment of respect and cooperation within this organization, its partners, and all other individual and organization associations.

      The Aid Given and Aid Priorities Established are Without Discrimination and On a Needs Basis

       I uphold and will act in giving aid regardless of the race, creed, or nationality of the recipients, and without adverse distinction of any kind. I recognize that aid priorities are calculated on the basis of need alone, and wherever possible, the provision of which is based upon a thorough assessment of the needs of the disaster victims and the local capacities already in place to meet those needs, and will reflect considerations of proportionality. I recognize that provision of aid will reflect the degree of suffering it seeks to alleviate.

      The Accountability of Both Those Assisted and Those Providing Resources Will Be Transparent 

      I recognize that DeSoto COAD is often in the position of an institutional link in the partnership between those who wish to assist and those who need assistance during disasters. I therefore hold myself accountable to both constituencies as a member of DeSoto COAD, and further uphold that all dealings with donors and beneficiaries shall reflect an attitude of openness and transparency. I recognize the need to report on all assistance activities, both from a financial perspective as well as an effectiveness and efficiency perspective. I recognize and support the obligation of DeSoto COAD to ensure appropriate monitoring and impact assessments of aid distributions and of disaster assistance. 

      The Consent to Serve as a Member Organization

      I will perform the duties of a member organization for the DeSoto Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) as defined by organization’s bylaws. I recognize that in this capacity I must seek to advance the mission and interests of DeSoto COAD and act on DeSoto COAD’s behalf only to the extent expressly provided in its bylaws and designated by its policies. I am not authorized to, and I shall not represent myself as authorized to, act contrary to or in excess of the authority so granted to me.

      The Sensitivity, Confidentiality, and Integrity of Information and Activity Within DeSoto COAD is Critical

      I, while in the service of and upon separation from DeSoto COAD, will legally and ethically maintain confidentiality of information received from clients, co-workers, individuals, and all related organizations. I will honor the trust of the public and my colleagues. I will refer inquiries for public and private information to the DeSoto COAD Chair. I will attend DeSoto COAD meetings regularly and keep informed of DeSoto COAD activities, always treating information received from such active participation with discretion and sensitivity, with the intended purposes in mind, and will promptly disclose any issues to this effect to the DeSoto COAD Chair as soon as possible.

    2. Herewith I, the undersigned, do hereby attest that I understand that violation of this Code of Conduct may be grounds for dismissal from membership in DeSoto COAD, and that I have an obligation to report immediately any suspected violation by others of this Code of Conduct to the DeSoto COAD Chair.
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