Who is responsible for paying the registration fee?

The city will require the property owner to pay the fee(s).

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1. When will the Rental Registration and Inspection Program begin?
2. Why did the City adopt a rental program?
3. Does the program apply to all rental properties?
4. Do I have to have my rental property inspected annually?
5. Do I have to register my rental property annually?
6. What happens if I fail to register my property?
7. Do I have to schedule my inspection or is it unannounced?
8. Who is responsible for paying the registration fee?
9. Will the inspector inspect the interior of my rental property?
10. I’ve retained a property management company, will the city contact me directly or will they contact my property management company?
11. I’ve owned a rental property in DeSoto for years – am I Grandfathered and exempt from the new ordinance?
12. Does someone have to be present during the inspection?
13. What if I have code enforcement violations? Do they have to comply also?