How do you study for the test?
DeSoto Fire Rescue administers a test covering your basic math and reading skills. We suggest that you study as if you were taking a College Entrance Exam. No study guide is available. Check with your local library for practice tests or other study material. Applicants who pass the written test will need to be prepared to take the Physical Agility Test immediately following the written exam.

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1. Occasionally I see a fire hydrant with what appears to be water gushing out of it. Why is this and do I need to report it?
2. Why does a fire truck come when I call for an ambulance?
3. Does the fire department accept and dispose of outdated medications?
4. Can the Fire Department come unlock my car if I leave my keys inside?
5. How do I report a leaking or broken fire hydrant?
6. What are DeSoto's hiring requirements?
7. How can I be notified of the next testing date?
8. How do you study for the test?
9. What is the procedure after I take the Civil Service test?
10. Can I do Community Service at a fire station or through the fire department?
11. Does the Fire Department fill private pools with water?
12. Can the Fire Department come out and change the batteries on my smoke detector?