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Posted on: January 5, 2017

Street Sanding Policy for City of DeSoto

Icy road

Policy Statement

As we move into winter, DeSoto will likely experience an ice or snow event.  Prior to an event when sleet and snow is expected to occur, the Street Department will apply brine mix on the pavements at major intersections and on bridges.  When  sleeting or icing begins, the Street Department will sand the major intersections first, on the Hampton Road, Cockrell Hill Road, Pleasant Run Road, Polk Street, Wintergreen Road, Parkerville Road and Belt Line Road corridors.  Next they will sand the bridges and major roads with steep grades.  For events lasting longer than two days, major roads such as Cockrell Hill, Hampton and Belt Line may be sanded the entire length (as resources permit).  Belt Line Road is considered a State Highway and the Texas Department of Transportation will also sand it.  I-35E and the frontage road will be sanded by the Texas Department of Transportation.

It is the policy of the City of DeSoto not to sand residential streets or alleys unless it is needed to assist with access for an emergency vehicle.  Special requests for sanding are not accepted.

As a resident, there are things that you can do to help.

· If possible, stay at home.

· If you have to leave home, be alert and drive with caution, remembering snow and ice create slick road conditions.

· Maintain safe distances between vehicles, decrease your driving speed and allow additional time to stop.

· Do not pass sand spreader trucks or the plow truck.  Park vehicles off of roadways if possible.  Be mindful of driving on streets without curbs, you may slide into side drainage ditches.

· Mailboxes may be damaged.  If they are damaged by City equipment, the City will replace the mailbox.  Otherwise replacement will be the homeowner’s responsibility.

· Ice storms can cause downed trees and power lines.  Trees on private property are the homeowner’s responsibility.  The City will only clear the street right-of-way.  ONCOR will be contacted to address downed power lines.

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