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Posted on: June 24, 2020

A Message From Mayor Curtistene S. McCowan on Dallas County's Business Mask Requirement

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Dear DeSoto Businesses:

On June 19, 2020, Dallas County passed an Executive Order in response to a dangerous surge in new COVID-19 cases and a very disturbing rise in hospitalizations. June 24, 2020, was the day that this order took full effect. I am writing to remind all of our businesses about their responsibility to fully comply with this order and to provide you with helpful links to additional information. 

The order calls on all businesses in Dallas County that provide goods or services directly to the public to develop a “Health and Safety” policy that requires, at minimum, for all employees or visitors to wear masks or face coverings. And there are other basic health and safety guidelines spelled out by the CDC and County health authorities that businesses could and should adopt including observing a safe social distance of 6-feet and having employees wash and sanitize their hands and common contact surfaces. Whatever policies that are adopted by each business, you are required to post a copy of your policy in a highly visible place where all employees and customers can see it and will know that it is in effect. Some examples of this signage are provided by Dallas County here:

I have heard stories about businesses that have received uncooperative customers who have refused to wear masks and proprietors who have declined to press the issue. I’m here today to remind our businesses that they are responsible for not only following this order but for the safety of their other customers who are put at risk by having a person without a mask on the premises. Businesses that don’t cooperate with this order can be fined up to $500 for each occurrence. None of us would like to see a business that has already been hard hit due to COVID-19 fined, but we all must remember that stopping the spread of this deadly virus and protecting our residents is the goal here. And it is an achievable goal. 

When I was growing up I remember seeing signs on store walls that said “No Shirt. No Shoes. No Service” or “We Check ID’s.” If someone walked in without a shirt, or was a minor and was trying to buy alcohol or cigarettes, they were refused service. And after spending 32 years with the Federal Trade Commission, 18 of those years as an investigator, I can tell you from experience that businesses that didn’t enforce such rules were held accountable. So please be compliant and help to protect our community. 

I would also like to remind our residents that we all have a responsibility to take the steps that we can to stop the spread of this killer illness. None of us wants to wear a mask or stay put in our homes when we’d rather be out with friends. But we are in a pandemic and just one person failing to follow basic safety guidelines can put us all at risk. That is why we all need to wear a mask, avoid crowds, allow a safe 6-foot distance between ourselves and others, keep our hands clean, and practice good hygiene. It’s a sacrifice, that’s for sure, but the actions that we are being asked to take are medically and scientifically sound.

 Let’s all do the smart thing and do the right thing.

 May God bless and protect you and yours at this difficult time.


Curtistene S. McCowan


 Helpful Links:  Click here to view the full order. 

More Information and visual resources for businesses: 

Haga clic aquí para ver el pedido completo. 

Más información y recursos visuales para empresas:

 CDC: How to Protect Yourself & Others 

Cómo protegerse y proteger a los demás | CDC




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