Jury Duty

Jury Service
Jury service is an extremely important responsibility. The United States Constitution and the Texas Constitution guarantee all people, regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin or economic status, the right to trial by an impartial jury.

Jurors make it possible for our courts to fulfill this constitutional guarantee. Justice depends on the quality of the jurors who serve in our courts.

We are located in City Hall at 211 E. Pleasant Run Road DeSoto, TX 75115. You will need to appear at this location on the date and time specified on your summons. Court will take place in the City Council Chambers on your left hand side when you walk through the front doors.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Kind of Cases Might I Hear?
The types of cases you will hear are class C misdemeanors. Examples of such cases are code violations, speeding tickets, ordinance violations, disorderly conduct and unrestrained animals.

Where Can I Park & Do I Have to Pay for Parking?
Free parking is available around the Town Center building.

What Should I Wear?
The court setting is formal and business or business casual clothing is appropriate. No shorts, miniskirts, tank tops, halters or flip flops are allowed. If you report for jury service wearing any of these items you will be re-scheduled and sent home.

Is There Security?
There is a metal detector at the entrance to the court building. Any item building security believes can be used as a weapon will not be allowed.

How Long Will I Be There?
The City of DeSoto Municipal Court is a one day/one trial system. If you are not selected for jury duty that day, you will be released.

You should plan that jury service will last a full day. If you are seated on the jury there is the potential for you to need to come back the next day. If there is not a trial or you are not selected to be on the jury, you can expect to be dismissed by early afternoon. Only the judge can dismiss you.

A person may not be excused for business or economic reasons unless all parties of record on the case in which the juror is to serve approve such excuse.

Any supporting documentation regarding a request to be excused or disqualified from jury service should be submitted immediately to the Court.

Please see the Sworn Affidavit Form that is part of the summons for the excuses that require supporting documentation. If supporting documentation is not submitted prior to the date on the summons, only the presiding Municipal Court Judge may exempt or excuse you from jury service.

Contact Information
If you have received a summons and have any questions or are unsure if you are qualified to serve on a jury, please contact the Court immediately.

DeSoto Municipal Court
211 E. Pleasant Run Road
DeSoto, TX 75115