Selection Process

Selection Information
It is the policy of the DeSoto Police Department to employ the best police officers possible. To ensure that this is accomplished the department shall practice a fair and equal selection process to everyone regardless of race, creed, color, sex, or national origin.

The department’s selection process includes the successful passing of a written Civil Service Test, given by the Civil Service Director of DeSoto and a physical fitness test. This examination is competitive testing. Ranking is by final test score. Veteran points are added to the test score after successfully passing the test.

Includes the following:
· Completing extensive personal history information statement
· Preliminary interview
· Background investigation
· Oral interview board
· Credit check
· Driving record evaluation
· Polygraph examination
· Psychological evaluation
· Physical/medical examination
· Interview with Chief of Police

If an applicant fails to successfully complete any portion of the selection process, he or she will be immediately removed from consideration.