DeSoto Teen Council


The DeSoto Teen Council is comprised of DeSoto residents. The council provides a formal process that fosters a heightened awareness of municipal operations, educational opportunities, health and mental wellness experiences, life skills, and career readiness.

Benefits for Joining DeSoto Teen Council

  • Letter of recommendation from City Administration, to include with college application
  • Scholastic community service hours (subject to approval by the school liaison)
  • A solid understanding of City Government and the services provided
  • Introduction to impeccable skills involving better business etiquette
  • STEM Programming and Employment Opportunities

How do I join?

To become an active member, please fill out the application form. Only $30 to join (includes a $10 yearly membership to the recreation center).

Most Recent Agenda

Most Recent Minutes

Texas Municipal League Youth Advisory Commission Summit

The formation of youth advisory commissions (YAC) in cities across the state is a priority of the TML Board of Directors. In 2003, then-TML President Jackie Levingston championed the issue, and today dozens of Texas cities have programs that involve youth. This initiative provides cities with energetic volunteers for civic projects, gives city leaders a fresh perspective on issues challenging our cities, and creates a sense of accomplishment for youth.

Additional benefits and skills learned by joining:

  • Budgeting
  • Marketing
  • Community Networking
  • Leadership Development
  • Program Administration
  • Participation Tracking
  • Program Evaluation
  1. Sydney Elliott

    Sydney Elliott

    Youth & Business Coordinator
    Phone: 972-230-9651

  2. Sandra Vera

    Circulation Clerk
    Phone: 972-230-9665

  3. Tracey Hunter Hayes

    Managing Director of Library Services
    Phone: 972-230-9658

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