Homeowners & Neighborhood Associations

Existing Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood Association  Mandatory/Voluntary Contact Number
Avondale  Mandatory
Briarwood Estates  Voluntary   
Candle Meadow  Public Improvement District Ms. Michelle Burr 214-445-2729
Centre Estates  Voluntary Ms. Marine Nero 972-217-5317
Chapel Hill  Mandatory Mr. Nat Tate 214-212-6161
Churchill Estates  Mandatory Mr. Curtis Winchester 972-223-8923
Club Parc  Mandatory Mr. Don Page 972-780-0437
Club Ridge  Mandatory Mrs. Claudia Franklin 214-489-5248
Creek Tree Estates  Voluntary
Crestwood Village  Voluntary Mr. Charles Holmes 972-223-2438
Crystal Creek  Mandatory Ms. Gekethea Thomas 
DeSoto Ranch  Mandatory Ms. Hope Stevens 682-551-4552
Eagle Downs  Voluntary Mr. A.L. Jones  
Eagle Point Estates  Mandatory Ms. Krisha Morris 972-979-0630
Elerson Ranch  Mandatory Mr. Robert McNair  972-217-5555
Elerson Trace West  Mandatory Ms. Brenda Riggins  
Enclave at Thorntree  Mandatory Mr. Tom Elam 972-523-6166
Estates of Windmill Hill  Mandatory Ms. Frances Broadus 972-709-1657
Fern Heights  Voluntary Mr. Renaldo Johnson 972-223-2151
Forest Park  Voluntary Ms. Nydia Rios 972-223-6746
Frost Farms  Mandatory Mrs. Nicole Minor 512-589-7984
Frost Farms II  Mandatory Mrs. Remie James    972-274-2580
Frost Oaks  Mandatory
Hampton Meadows  Mandatory Mr. James Brooks 850-803-7231
Hampton Place Estates  Voluntary Ms. Linda Harris 972-224-8762
Heath Creek  Voluntary Mrs. Kim Sanders George 972- 230-3374
Hidden Canyon  Voluntary Mr. Floyd Briscoe 972-223-0512
High Meadows  Voluntary Ms. Jean Holbert 972-224-5980
Kentsdale Farms       Mandatory Goddard Management, LLC 972-920-5474
Lynnwood Estates  Voluntary Mr. John Collins 972-228-8565
Mantlebrook  Voluntary Ms. Heidy Harris 972-223-3017
Meadowbrook Estates  Voluntary
Mesa Verde  Voluntary Mr. Louis Berry 972-228-0580
 Mockingbird Hill   Terry Cook 972-589-8420
North Meadows  Voluntary Ms. Joyce Hill 972-224-9541
Oakmont  Voluntary Mr. Rodney Shavers rshavers@swbell.net
Parkerville Meadows  Mandatory Rosie Morataya 972-920-5474 
Regents Park  Mandatory Mr. Jack Morgan 972-274-3024
Silver Creek Estates  Mandatory Mr. Gordy VanSteenberg 972-230-4815
 Silver Creek Meadows  Mandatory Mr. JT Smith 817-925-8265
South Meadows  Voluntary Mrs. O'Faira Carter 972-230-3777
St. Andrews Place  Mandatory Mr. Joe DeCorte 214-236-6959
St. Georges Place  Mandatory Mr. James Foster 214-893-3974
Stillwater Canyon  Public Improvement District Mr. Grover Carter 214-797-9388
Summer Meadows  Mandatory Mr. Chad Cornelison 866-473-2573
Summit Parks   Public Improvement District
Ten Mile Creek Estates  Voluntary Mr. Antonio Wilkinson 972-283-3484
Thorntree Estates  Mandatory Mr. Andre Byrd, Sr. 469-569-2157
Timberbrook  Mandatory Mr. William Scott
Western Hills  Voluntary Ms. Janice Mackey 469-643-6232
Westmoreland Estates  Mandatory Mr. James E. Collier Jr. 972-207-2175
Wildwood Addition  Voluntary Mr. Wayne Valentine 972-230-7051
Williamsburg Village  Mandatory
Windmill Hill II  Voluntary
Windmill Hill III  Voluntary Mr. Cleve McFarlane 972-298-3701
Windmill IV  Voluntary Ms. Ann Walker 972-369-6031
Wolf Creek  Mandatory Mr. Jessie Green    
Woodlands on the Creek  Voluntary Mrs. Anna Williams 972-223-7868
Wyndmere  Voluntary Mr. Gregory Peterson gregorypeterson495@att.net                            

The City of DeSoto hosts web pages for all homeowners or neighborhood associations that are interested in providing information free of charge.

This is a great way to communicate to residents of upcoming meetings, events as well as contact information.