Current Projects

 Bee Branch Bridge Replacement - Pleasant Run Rd.

Engineer: Lockwood, Andrews & Newnan, Inc.
Contractor: Iowa Bridge
Project: Included in the Capital Improvement Program is the replacement of the Bee Branch Bridge on Pleasant Run Rd., located just west of Cockrell Hill Rd. The existing bridge, while currently safe for the traveling public, received a rating from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) which warranted the reconstruction and the participation in a federal program to assist in the cost of replacement.
Project Status: Construction 90% Complete (9/16) 
                             Construction Substantially Complete, punch-list items to be 
addressed (10/16)
                             Median Lighting and retaining wall remains outstanding (11/16)
                             Lighting conduit will have to be replaced. TXDOT is working contractor to coordinate retaining wall
                             estimate pending (12/16)
Projected Completion Fall 2016 

2015 Alley Paving Project – Gilbert Williams
• Engineer: Dick Perkins, P.E.
Contractor: Estrada Concrete
Project: Alley pavement reconstruction south of Gilbert Avenue and north of Williams Avenue, running eastward from North Hampton Road to intersect with Williams Avenue, including driveway aprons, sidewalk ramp reconstruction and connections to existing pavement. This project is partially funded with Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.
Project Status: Construction 90% Complete (9/16)

                             Construction Substantially Complete, punch-list items to be addressed (10/16)
                             Punch-list items to be addressed (11/16)
                             Punch-list items being addressed (12/16) 
Project Complete (11/16)
2015 Alley Paving Project – Various Locations
(Hanna Ave., Hanna Circle, Williams Ave., Greenbriar Dr., Glen Ave., Charles St.)
• Engineer: Charles Crook Consulting, Inc.
Contractor: Estrada Concrete
Project: All alleys will be reconstructed to a maximum width of 10’ without impacting the franchise utilities.
Project Status: Construction to begin September 26, 2016 (9/16) 
                             Construction 20% complete (10/16)
                             Construction 50% complete (11/16)
                             Construction 75% complete (12/16)  
Projected Completion February 2017 

2014 Water/Wastewater Renovation & Replacement Project
 (Belt Line Rd. – east of Hampton to Chattey Rd.)
• Engineer: Dick Perkins, P.E.
Contractor: TBD
Project: The 2014 R & R Project includes the replacement of an existing 4“ water main located on both sides of Belt Line Rd. east of Hampton Rd. to Chattey Rd., Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipe. 

Project Status: Design Complete (9/16) 
                             Easement Acquisition 90% Complete (10/16)
                             Easement Acquisition 100% Complete (11/16)
                             Project advertised and bids were opened (12/16)
 • Projected Completion Summer 2017 
2016 Water/Wastewater Renovation & Replacement Project
 (Deborah Avenue, David Avenue, Basin “B” Outfall Lines, & N. Westmoreland Rd. Water Line (St. Anne Episcopal Church North to Cedar Rapids Ln. )
• Engineer: Dick Perkins, P.E.
Contractor: TBD
Project: The 2016 R & R Project includes various locations with varying degrees of deterioration of the existing clay tile sewer lines and cast iron water lines. In most cases the infrastructure is 40-50 years old. The water and sewer main lines will be replaced with
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipe. In addition, water service lines will be replaced (City side of the meters) and sewer lines will be replaced up to the property lines with cleanouts being installed at the property line. 

Project Status: Design Complete (10/16)
                             Easement Acquisition pending (11/16)
                             Easement Acquisition pending (12/16) 
 • Projected Completion March 2017 

2016 Street Reconstruction Project
Wintergreen Rd. - Hampton Rd. to Westmoreland Rd.

Elerson Rd. - Ginger Ln. north 1400 ft.
Live Oak approximately 100 ft. 
Westmoreland Rd. – Various Locations between north and south city limits 
Adams Pl. 100 ft. 
• Engineer: Dick Perkins, P.E.
Contractor: Reynolds Asphalt & Construction Co.
Project: The current Project scope is asphalt pavement replacement.
Project Status: Design 90% Complete (10/16)
                              85% Complete (11/16)
                              85% Complete (12/16)
Projected Completion February 2017
Cockrell Hill Rd. and Parkerville Rd. Traffic Signal
• Engineer: Kimley Horn and Associates, Inc.
Contractor: Durable Specialties, Inc.
Project: The current Project consist of the installation of 4-way traffic signals at the intersection of Cockrell Hill Rd. and Parkerville Rd.
Project Status: TBD (10/16)
                             Construction 40% Foundation and Underground Conduit Installed (11/16)
                             Construction 100% complete meter to be installed (12/16)
Projected Completion February 2017