Fee & Deposit Policies

All fees for the DeSoto Civic Center are set by the DeSoto City Council and are subject to change.

  • Damage deposits are $100 per contract.
  • Deposits will be refunded by mail approximately thirty (30) days after the event, provided all policies are followed.
  • If the signer of the contract moves and does not notify the Parks and Leisure Services Department prior to the rental, there will be a delay for the re-issuing of another refund check.
  • There is a $3 per linen charge for all patrons renting the facility. Made effective October 01, 2010.
At no time shall a user sublease or assign its reservation to another individual, group, or organization. Facility users are not allowed to change rooms with other facility users.

Cancellations and Refunds:
Any facility user who wishes to cancel an event must do so in writing during normal business hours. Written cancellations can be sent to the Parks and Recreation Department in person, by mail, or by fax. The Parks and Recreation Department fax number is 972.230.5796.
  • Any facility user who cancels at least fifteen (15) business days prior to the event will receive a full refund of the Rental Fee and Damage Deposit paid.
  • Any facility user who cancels less than fifteen (15) business days of the event will receive the Damage Deposit refund only. Recurring rentals are still required to pay for cancelled space.
Alcohol Policy:
The serving of alcoholic beverages for on-premise possession and consumption shall only be permitted at the DeSoto Civic Center and the Corner Theatre provided such service is authorized through a facility use rental agreement. The requestor must provide an approximate number of people expected to attend the event and comply with all city requirements for protection of the health, safety and welfare of the community. In cases of multiple requests, permits or facility use agreements shall be granted on a first come, first serve basis. If the Director determines that the conduct of the permitted activity requires additional security precautions be taken to permit the service of alcoholic beverages at the event, the Director shall impose a fee to defray the cost of furnishing adequate security forces by the city at the proposed event.

For questions regarding the alcohol policy and security requirements please contact Parks and Recreation Office at 972-230-9650 or by e-mail at civiccenter@desototexas.gov.