Goal #5

Develop an Impact Fee Policy that has developers paying to expand identified infrastructure on new development.

City Work Plan

1. Complete Phase II of City’s impact fee study currently underway | Development Services| Complete FY 2021 Q4

2. Organize a steering committee to include staff and elected officials to discuss impact fee policy decisions | Development Services | Start FY 2021 Q2 | Complete FY 2021 Q2

3. Consider policy decisions and obtain City Council approval of an impact fee ordinance | Development Services | Start FY 2022 Q1 | Complete FY 2022 Q2

4. Implement the collection of impact fees consistent with the Council approved policy | Development Services | Start FY 2022 Q2 | Complete FY 2022 Q2



October 1, 2020

Progress reports will be provided at the end of the each quarter. Please check back in January 2021 for the first update.