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Local Lessons (all require registration and tuition)

Texas Music Teachers Association
This list includes all TMTA teachers within 20 miles of Desoto and contact information.

Travis Academy of Fine Arts
TAFA offers opportunities for homeschool students to participate in group-based artistic expression. Band, ballet, choir, worship leading and songwriting classes require an audition and application process. Fees are required upon approval.

Free piano sheet music collection (90% free) has an option to upgrade to a subscription that is unlimited offering higher quality, additional services. Other instrument choices are also available.

Classics for Kids
This website is a great introduction to music and includes free resources, including excerpts of classical music, games, biographies, activities and lesson plans.

Look up chord charts by title of song or artist for free. Hover over the chords and get a visual of placements on the keyboard, fret, etc. from the instrument of your choice: keyboard, guitar, ukulele, drums, bass, flute or harmonica. Each title is rated by difficulty and you can choose to add drawings (chord/keyboard or show chords on the side of the screen). Additional options are available to send, print, or e-mail the results with ease.

Homeschool Piano
While it is best to have a local teacher for music instruction with direct interaction, it is not always available or cost effective. Here is an online option specifically developed for the homeschool that charges a low monthly fee or you can choose to become a lifetime member. It’s also great for learning some basics, as local studios often have waiting lists, and provides extra support for the really enthusiastic musician.
As a free, online community resource for guitar players of any genre, you can look up a song by title or artist, then select the version you prefer, transpose and display chords. There’s even an online tuner and video-based lessons.

Zebra Keys
Learn how to play piano online, understand music theory, and improvise with 50 free lessons at various levels of difficulty. Other resources include free sheet music and music tools, such as a virtual keyboard and ear training software. Adobe Flash Player is required.

Foreign Language

Completely free, game-like lessons motivate language learning for all ages.

Mango is an online language-learning database that can help your student learn languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, and German.

American Sign Language University
This online sign language curriculum offers free lessons and self-study materials. For documentation, there is a tuition cost and required assignments, but access to the information is still free.

Rocket Languages
Award winning software for learning languages offers a free trial. A purchase is required to continue.

Arts and Crafts
Artistic Pursuits
Age leveled art instruction; art appreciation and history are all studied together from this popular homeschool curriculum to purchase. Supply kits are available for an easy, ready to go option.

DTLK’s Crafts for Kids
Free printable kid’s crafts, coloring pages, worksheets and activities are featured on this website. Search by themes, holidays, educational topics and more.

Official Home Art Studio
Enjoy the free art lessons on this website. There are additional lessons on DVD to purchase with a corresponding supply list or option to purchase a supply kit.

Graphic Design

Free online graphic design website is easy to use for anyone. Choose from beautiful photos and illustrations: you can even import your own images and photos. Upgrade for even more options.

Additional free images and videos to use for graphic design are copyright free.

Computer Science
Encouraging access to coding for all people, this non-profit website offers free courses for Kindergarten through University levels. Create an account to save progress or just start coding; no account needed.

Homeschool computer programming courses are available in an online format. Registration fees apply.

Program your own interactive stories, games and animations and share them online. Adobe Flash Player is required. Created by the MIT Media Lab, this online service is free of charge.

Educational Games Online

7 Generation Games
These multiple award winning educational games run on a variety of operating systems and support educational goals for ages 8-14. Some are free and prices vary.
Free education games are for grades K-5. Selections are varied, and you can purchase a family account for instant access to apps on multiple devices.

This free educational platform covers ages 4-12 and encourages learning through playing. Adobe Flash Player is required.

Mr. Nussbaum
Developed by a practicing teacher, this free website is for grades K-8. Reinforce skills and challenge students to interactively learn. 

Interesting Additions  

Factory Tours USA
If you would like some hands-on learning while also creating memories, try these field trip options (many are free) for your family or homeschool co-op. Just click on the state you live in or plan to visit.

Simply Fun
Balance your kids screen time with educational options in traditional game formats. Shop for hands-on play items by age or subject. Prices will vary.

Teach with Movies
Select from more than 425 free learning guides with corresponding materials to popular films. Search by subject, age level and more. 

Bible and Christian Worldview Studies
This internet ministry website offers Bible studies for free. Ask a question, view articles by topic, and other free resources for all levels of Biblical knowledge. Lumina is a free word studies tool offered with Strong’s tagging and Greek/Hebrew translation.

Heart of Wisdom
Enjoy the freebies at this popular homeschool blog that emphasizes Bible-based learning. More ideas and insights on the website may be useful as well.


Disclaimer: The DeSoto Public Library is providing this resource to assist local homeschoolers. A great amount of the information is useful for all educators and parents. It is not an endorsement of any product or business mentioned or a promotion of homeschooling as a preference over other choices in education.