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Online Resources

Homeschool Legal Defense Association advocates for the rights of homeschoolers around the world. Members enjoy legal protection and educational support.

National Center for Life and Liberty Homeschool Center
Also based in Texas, this organization supports a more conservative viewpoint on homeschooling than THSC. It is a non-profit legal ministry that serves and defends the rights of homeschool families. Membership is available.

National Home Education Research Institute
NHERI conducts and collects research about home-based education, and publishes the research journal Home School Researcher.

Texas Home Educators
As a statewide homeschool service organization, THE provides promotion of homeschooling to families and across various media platforms while partnering with local organizations that need support in staging events. They also provide leadership training and offer the tools of an umbrella organization with the ability to guide others to host large events such as a Spelling Bee.

Texas Homeschool Coalition Association
This website provides information on how to homeschool, legal requirements to homeschool in Texas, as well as additional resources pertinent to homeschooling. THSC is a Political Action Committee that works for the rights of homeschoolers in Texas. Membership is available.

Curriculum website links

NOTE: Top curriculum retailers are not listed on this website due to the objective to provide access to resources that are mostly low-cost, online or free. For a list of the most popular curriculum available go to Cathy Duffy Reviews, author of 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum.ABC Teach, A free account contains 6,500 limited download options of free resources for Pre-K through 8th grade. A subscription provides almost 10 times that number and no limits.

Ambleside Online
This free Charlotte Mason classically-based curriculum covers grades K-12.
For those auditory learners, or just for fun, try the free page on this website. More songs are available for purchase.

Discovery K12

Free (student account), online homeschool uses open-source technologies for grades K-12 (parent account is an optional upgrade). This is a private company not affiliated with any government agency or school district. The curriculum is Non-Common Core, traditional and secular.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool
Easy Peasy offers a complete, free online Christian homeschool curriculum for all grades; a homeschool favorite!

A free basic access account includes access to games, workbooks, activities, lesson plans, exercises, songs and stories for educational purposes. A premium membership offers unlimited access to additional resources.

Enchanted Learning
A free, kid-friendly, user interface website offers learning that includes crafts, art activities, coloring pages; great for supplementing theme-based learning! Membership is available but not required.

Freely Homeschool
If you want an easy to locate free resource website, this user-friendly formatted collection of resources is a great find.
These curriculum options were produced by a homeschool family; some free, some to purchase.

Homeschool Base
Need more ideas for school materials? This reference website was created by homeschoolers for homeschoolers, providing easy access to all of the homeschool curricula available on the market. Also check out their 100 Best Educational Websites List for 2018.

Homeschool Share
This online cooperative provides homeschooling parents with free quality literature units and lapbook resources created by other homeschoolers.

How to Homeschool
Get access to free curriculum and resources from this website once a month by signing up via e-mail. Also, check out the winners for Best Homeschool Curriculum & Resources Awards 2018-2019 and 25 Top Education Apps of 2018. Enjoy product reviews, guides, and homeschooling advice.

Kidzone Worksheets for Children
Free printable worksheets can be found here for preschool and elementary children for all subjects.

The Measured Mom
Many free and simple low-prep resources are available for preschool and elementary children, especially for language arts and math. These are high quality materials and the booklets are an excellent supplement to any reading program. Additional materials are available for purchase.

Moby Max
Moby Max is the winner of multiple awards for personal learning software that finds and fixes learning gaps. Free versions are available; options to upgrade will require a purchase.

This free quiz sharing website (no registration required for searching) offers thousands of pre-designed quizzes, or create your own quiz (register to create).

School Express
Find free worksheets, games, activities and videos.

Super Teacher Worksheets
Some free items are available; membership price opens all the worksheets.

The Teacher’s Corner
The above website is a collaboration project of free teacher resources, lesson plans, worksheets and activities.

Locate free and easy to use worksheets, tools, a worksheet maker, lesson plans and more (K-12).

This Reading Mama
Homeschooling mom and certified teacher offers tons of free, literacy based learning materials for the early years. Resources are excellent quality and great for special needs learners as well. Additional items can be purchased.

Time 4 Learning
As a popular homeschooling curriculum often used as a fun-based supplement, this resource requires an account for a low-cost yearly subscription.  

Fine Arts

Travis Academy of Fine Arts
TAFA offers opportunities for homeschool students to participate in group-based artistic expression. Band, ballet, choir, worship leading and songwriting classes require an audition and application process. Fees are required upon approval. 

Texas Music Teachers Association
This list includes all TMTA teachers within 20 miles of Desoto and contact information.  

Free Textbooks and Courses
Internet Archive
This collection is an open source library of free books, movies, software and music.

Open Culture
Free textbooks, online courses, books, movies, language lessons and more are available to explore.   

The world’s best courses from major universities are available online for free.

Future Learn
World-wide, online courses are available to take for free. Get credit for postgraduate degrees, certificates and diplomas (some may cost).

Hippo Campus
Multi-media options deliver academic core content for middle and high school students; free of charge. 

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is the most well-known personalized online learning resource and provides a world class education for anyone. Their slogan is “You can learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever.”

MIT Open Courseware
Free online courses are presented from one of the most prestigious math and science universities in the country.

Open Yale Courses
Free access is available to introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers from a top Ivy League university.

Homeschooling Blogs

123 Homeschool 4 Me

This popular blog has mostly free items for family based learning, preschool ideas, recipes and crafts.

Jimmie’s Collage
Charlotte Mason based education blog offers helpful links to free resources for cooking, crafts, lapbooking (OR) notebooking, and family life.

Mama’s Happy Hive

Montessori education blog for homeschoolers has free materials and ideas plus links to additional free resources. Material options you can purchase online are also referenced.

Motherhood on a Dime

This money conscious blog contains a free Preschool curriculum and tons of penny-pinching ideas for family life and homeschooling. A bargain shopping parent will find the coupons, free samples, internet deals and budget tips useful. 

My Joy-Filled Life
Homeschooling advice, curriculum reviews (Large Family Curriculum Picks 2017-2018), freebies, giveaways and parenting tips are the essence of this blog.

Only Passionate Curiosity
Discussing the joys and struggles of homeschool life, this blog offers many free resources as well as ones to purchase (many are “pay what you can”). Be sure to take a look at the Free Curriculum Homeschool List.

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus
If you love lapbooking, the free unit studies on this blog are colorful and interesting. Links to corresponding information and ideas are also included.   

General Resources

BBC Bitesize
The education page of the BBC offers help with homework and learning through free videos, quizzes, guides and activities. Selections are categorized by level and subject based on UK educational standards. For a culturally insightful experience, there’s an option to translate materials to Gaelic, Irish or Welsh!
A homeschool information hub that collaborates with parents, bloggers, and companies. Based on responses from readers, annual awards are given for Top 100 Education Websites 2019 and Back to Homeschool Awards (2018).

THSC Special Needs Resources Handout (PDF)

The Texas Homeschool Coalition put together this document to assist homeschoolers that have special needs.

High School Diploma
Purchase a personalized diploma for your student. Other useful items, such as Student Photo IDs, caps, gowns, announcements and transcripts can also be purchased.

A2Z Home’s Cool (Transcript)
Select from several free transcript templates to record your child’s high school education for college entrance requirements.  

Disclaimer: The DeSoto Public Library is providing this resource to assist local homeschoolers. A great amount of the information is useful for all educators and parents. It is not an endorsement of any product or business mentioned or a promotion of homeschooling as a preference over other choices in education.