Stains, Rings, Discoloration, and Mineral Deposits

Municipally treated water has been disinfected with harsh chemicals in order to comply with local, state, and federal standards. The issues of stains, rings, or discoloration are issues that develop AFTER the water comes into the home and is used or left to sit. Once chlorinated water is exposed to the air, the chlorine dissipates to a gas. The water in your plumbing system is in a closed loop and is not exposed to any issues until after it exits your plumbing fixtures or appliances.

The Water Maintenance division receives numerous calls from residents regarding stains, rings, discoloration, and mineral deposits in their toilets, showers, and sinks. The guide below will help you to understand the root cause of these and how to treat them. This guide is to simply identify the aesthetic problem, what causes the issue, how to take care of it and possibly prevent its return. It is easy to assume there may be a problem with your water, however most issues are NOT water quality related.