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3M Cloud Library

Check out the library's collection of e-books for your e-reader,
computer, or other mobile device.

Amazon Kindle Store

Free top rated e-books of all genres and out of copyright classics.

Free E-books

Discover all new rising authors in a variety of genres with
e-books and e-audiobooks available in English and Spanish.


Discover new series' in adult and young adult fiction by
reading books from the series' for free.

Many Books

Browse through a collection of over 29,000 free e-books with
old classics in sci-fi and mystery as well as more current works.

Project Gutenberg

This large collection specializes in older books whose copyright
has expired. Some books are also available in other languages.


Check out the latest free or inexpensive e-books by self publishers.

To download e-audiobooks:

1. Go to http://desototx.oneclickdigital.com/

2. If it's your first time checking out e-audiobooks, click on
Create New Account in the top right hand corner.

3. Enter your 14-digit library card number and your PIN number
which is the last 4 digits of the phone number on your library
account. If you do not know your PIN number please call

4. Select your e-audio and e-book preferences, fill in your
information, then click Create an Account.

5. Search for and click on the book you want, choose how many
days you would like to check it out for then click Checkout

Download the App on any of the following compatible devices:

Mac/PC computers
Android Devices
Apple Devices
Kindle Fire