Study Rooms

1.0 Purpose:
  • The purpose of this policy is to establish criteria related to the use of study rooms at the DeSoto Public Library. The library has limited study room space; as a result our policy is an attempt to create fair access to the space.
2.0 Study Room Reservations:
  • Following is the policy for study room use:
  1. Study rooms can be utilized for one (1) hour sessions. If there is no further demand for use of the room then customer can request use of the room for another one (1) hour session. Customers will be limited to two (2) hours of study room use per day.
  2. Study room access is on a first come first served basis.
  3. No phone or email requests are allowed. Request can only be made in person on the day of use. No Reservations can be made for dates in advance.
  4. If a study room is not available when you arrive you will be informed as to when one will be available.
  5. Customers will need a valid DeSoto Library card (adult or juvenile).
  6. Study rooms will remain locked when not in use. Customers will check in at the Information Desk. Library staff will take customers to the appropriate room and allow for entry.
3.0 Use Policies:
  • Following are study room use policies:
  1. A maximum of three (3) customers per room is allowed.
  2. Study rooms will remain locked if not being used.
  3. Disruptive behavior will lead to a loss of access to the study room(s).
  4. White Board markers will be available for use at the checkout desk.
  5. Customers must vacate the room at the end of their session.