Crystal Creek Ridge


MISSION STATEMENT: To cultivate a community that displays pride, piety, and peace. 


Our Community

Crystal Creek Ridge is a quiet and friendly community of just 155 one and two story homes nestled in the northeast corner of Belt Line Road and Cockrell Hill Road in DeSoto, Texas. Premier home builder Ryland Homes built all of the homes with uniqueness, style, select quality building materials. Ryland Homes is known nationwide for their superb quality and dedication to excellence. All of the homes within the Crystal Creek Ridge community were built between 2000 and 2002 and Ryland Homes turned over control of the homeowner association to the owners when the last home was sold.
The Crystal Creek Ridge community is within easy walking distance of Briarwood Park, a well maintained city park that is perfect for an evening with the kids or exercise for the family K9. This park features a lovely pond with a tall fountain at its center. The park attracts a variety of non-threatening wildlife, and offers residents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with a nice peaceful picnic. 
Within a short drive of Crystal Creek Ridge are Cedar Hill State Park and Windmill Hill Nature Trail, two of the most gorgeous breath-taking scenes of nature in the southwest region of North Texas.  

Our City

DeSoto is one of the oldest settlements in North Texas. It was in 1847, just eleven years after Texas won its independence from Mexico, that families first settled in the area that is now DeSoto. Curtis Parks, one of the first settlers in the DeSoto area, built his home in 1847. He came from Indiana with his wife Amelia. A few of the other early settler families to the area were Thomas Chesier, Zebedee Heath, Otway B. Nance, Allen Q. Nance, F. M. Hamilton, and John P. Voorhies.

Around the year 1848, T. J. Johnson, fresh from Tennessee, built a tiny general merchandise store near the "crossroads." This crossroads was located where one road (just a wagon trail in those days) went from Dallas to the Shiloh community in Ellis County. Another trail crossed the road, running east and west, from Lancaster to Cedar Hill. This crossroads is now known as Belt Line and Hampton.

In 1881, a post office was established and the settlement was given the name of DeSoto in honor of Dr. Thomas Hernando DeSoto Stewart, a beloved doctor dedicated to the community. During those early years DeSoto remained a farming community and not much changed until the 1940s.

After World War II the area began to grow, as did all of the towns and cities in Dallas County. Because of growth that the community was experiencing, the people felt the need to incorporate in order to improve an inadequate water distribution system. On February 17, 1949, a petition signed by 42 eligible voters was presented to Dallas County Judge W. L. Sterrett requesting an election for incorporation. The election was held on March 2, 1949, with 50 votes in favor of incorporation and 2 opposed. On March 3, 1949, the results of the election were entered into the records of the Commissioners Court of Dallas County, thereby creating the City of DeSoto. On March 15, 1949, a City Officers election was held. Wayne A. Chowning was elected mayor, and T.O. Hash, Malcolm Hamm, S.I. Vaughn, Roy E. Spurgin and A. P. Bagby were elected councilmen (aldermen at that time.)

The City of DeSoto celebrated the 50th anniversary of its incorporation on March 3, 1999.

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Our Committees

We are actively in search of some motivated residents who would like to be apart of three of our neighborhood committees.  If you are an existing resident within Crystal Creek Ridge and would like to contribute just a brief moment of your time, please contact us at  Our three committees are as follows:

Architectural Committee- this committee focuses on the community curb appeal, exterior infrastructure modifications, community uniformity, and the overall subdivision appearance and maintenance.

Crime Watch Committee- this committee focuses on the general safety off all our residents and children.  We would like to establish neighborhood safety alerts and work more closely with the city of DeSoto's Fire and Police Departments.

Social Committee- this committee is responsible for the social community activities of Crystal Creek Ridge.  They are responsible for coordinating an annual Holiday Party for the Christmas Season and an annual Spring/Summer neighborhood Bar-B-Q.  This committee is really important because it brings our entire community together to get to know one another more intimately at least twice per year.
Crystal Creek Ridge Board Members:
Ms. Gekethea Thomas- President:
Mr. Roderick Roberts - Vice President:
Mrs. Keona Golightly - Secretary:
Mrs. Loretta Davis - Treasurer:
Mrs. Dorthy Dauenhauer - Member-At-Large:

Please contact us at

Our Care

Here in Crystal Creek Ridge Our Care is devoted to our number one asset: OUR RESIDENTS. We care about ensuring the safety of the beautiful children that populate both of our luscious playgrounds, those that walk to and from Cockrell Hill Elementary School, and those that simply enjoy the companionship and camaraderie of the other kids in the neighborhood.

Here in Crystal Creek Ridge Our Care is devoted to the overall look and appearance of the community as a whole. We encourage all residents to maintain a healthy looking lawn during the appropriate seasons. We require any and all exterior structural modifications to our homes be first reviewed by our Architectural Control Committee. We want all of our residents to be proud of not only their homes, but others in the community as well.

Finally here in Crystal Creek Ridge, we care about our city. A lot of our residents have chosen to reside here in DeSoto because DeSoto is a diverse city of activities, culture, and social amenities. DeSoto offers the benefits related to its small-town atmosphere and provides a different slant to contemporary lifestyles. Neighborhood hospitality and beautiful natural surroundings make life more meaningful for DeSoto residents, who enjoy big-city amenities paired with the comfort and convenience of a small town.

The city of DeSoto won the coveted 2006 National Civic League All-America City Award in June 2006. This designation from the National Civic League recognizes exemplary grassroots community problem-solving, and is awarded to communities that identify their challenges and collaboratively work together to achieve results. DeSoto's presentation highlighted DeSoto Dining and Dialogue, its active Home Owner Associations Program, and Youth Initiatives including the Hip Hop Summit.

DeSoto enjoys loyal participation by its residents in various aspects of community life, through participation on Boards and Commissions, Street Adopters, Citizens Police Academy, Home Owners Associations, annual festivals and parades, and more.- SW Dallas Lifestyles Magazine


Contact Us

Crystal Creek Ridge is managed by Vision Communities Management.  Please direct any questions or concerns related to HOA dues, fines, notifications, or legal matters to them. Crystal Creek Ridge Home Owners Association can not and will not be able to assist residents with issues related to Vision Communities Management. Please direct all legal and monetary issue to our Property Manager.
Vision Communities Management  
6305 Prestonsburg Road, Suite 900
Plano, Texas 75024

For any concerns related only to the community such as, noncompliance to our Home Owners Policy in regards to lawns, illegal dumping, excessive trash, vandalism, or any other related issue please e-mail us at

Please direct all general questions to

MISSION STATEMENT: To cultivate a community that displays pride, piety, and peace. 

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